Here's another customer video we found on YouTube. Once again, cleaning nasty, corrosive brake dust from a RejeXed wheel with nothing more than a blast of water from a pressure sprayer. Thanks for the props MrMax716

Here's another customer video from YouTube author vtec92civic. "I used a spray bottle to spray water on the hood just so all you curious people can see how Rejex beads up."

Another video, also by vtec92civic showing how RejeX beads and sheets water after 4 weeks.






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"After a month of building up road crud, the side of the [car] treated with RejeX came clean with one swipe of the sponge..."

Car and Driver RejeX test
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"On paint in good condition, it eliminates the need for waxes, and one application will last up to 12 months."

Good Sam Club likes RejeX

10 Best Boat Care Products – Ever

"Few products become legends, but it does happen... These are the best that have been invented yet... Particularly impressive is RejeX's ability to 'reject' surface contaminants; once cured, dirt which would normally require a scrub brush to get rid of often rinses away with a blast of the hose."


"This is pretty cool stuff and I highly recommend it. I'm always amazed when one of the smaller companies trumps the big guys, and this is a classic example. I have no idea how they did it, but Corrosion Technologies has come up with a winner!"

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"What makes RejeX stand out from other polishes is not just its ability to keep the boat cleaner longer, but the fact that it works on just about every non-porous surface."

RejeX boat
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"We were impressed with this product's ability to keep bug splats and exhaust stains from sticking to paint."

Aviation Consumer praises RejeX
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"It seals against most stains, requiring just a splash-down with little or no rubbing. A solution like this is worth the retail price."

Boating Life recomends RejeX

"Lasts longer than any wax job."

Southern Boating recommends RejeX